Blue Whale – a suicide game


Terrible game with suicide, which actively lured teenagers from Russia and Kazakhstan, apparently it has reached Kyrgyzstan as well. Early this morning an eighth-grader jumped out of the window. Suicide is associated with the game “Silent House”, or as it is also called the “Blue Whale”, reports

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In Bishkek, an eighth-grader jumped from the fifth floor and died. It happened at four in the morning, which is why the death of a teenager is associated with the terrible game “Silent House”, which has been progressively gaining popularity.

The boy has just turned 15 on the eve of his suicide, according to neighbors and friends, he was quite adequate, well-mannered, quiet boy.

An investigative team is working at the site.

“Has the suicide any relations with the game? Parents say that their son was not so found of such games. Friends and classmates are being questioned” – was reported to law enforcements.

However, on the issue already the metropolitan police, ministries of education and internal affairs, and even in the UN Children’s Fund in Kyrgyzstan have responded. Parents from civil society have joined for the investigation.

On the eve of moms and dads got together and declared war on the teenage groups of suicide. Among the activists there is even a grandmother who has 15-year-old grandchildren. All are really concerned about their loved ones.

“We believed that there won’t be any victims, but now there is information about the boy. The only connection with the game is that the child jumped out of the window at 4am. The police needs to thoroughly investigate and fully scan the computer, restore the life chain in the last 50 days and how he lived. If the connection with the game is confirmed, of course an enormous tragedy, “-… added Chekirova.

Users of social networks wrote that there are actually two victims. Allegedly, a pupil of the fifth grade in the school №68 hanged himself for the same reason, however the information has not been yet confirmed with the police.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs yesterday in Kyrgyzstan there were not recorded any cases of suicide, the cause of which would be the Internet.

Employees of operational units MIA are closely monitoring the situation. In addition to the observation of questionable sites, the staff of the Criminal Investigation Department (GUUR) and inspection of the juvenile (IDN) were tasked to conduct prevention and awareness in educational institutions.

 The ministry assures to spread space virtual games that are inclined to suicide, will be monitored on the Internet.

Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies will give a list to which you should pay attention to understand if the child is in the “game”: 

  • The teenager not getting enough sleep, even if they go to bed early. Make sure if your child sleeps in the early morning hours.
  • Draws whales, butterflies, unicorns.
  • Composed in groups containing the title: “The Whales float up”, “Wake me up at 4.20», f57, f58, «Silent House”, “Rina”, “Nya.poka”, “Sea Whale”, “50 days before the my … “.
  • Closed access to the following information. In correspondence with friends (on the personal “wall”) is the phrase “wake me up at 4.20”, “I’m in the game.” WARNING if there are numbers ranging from 50 and less.
  • Messaging with strangers, which give strange orders.

            We will remind you that earlier, reports on the distribution of terrible games were reported in Kazakhstan. Kazakh students were massively putting hashtags # Kityplyvutvverh, #Morekitov,   #Tihiydom.

 According to the rules of the game, each young person is chosen a mentor, who gives him orders for 50 days. At the end teenager commits suicide.

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