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30 centimeters of snow and -30 degrees C forecast in eastern Latvia over weekend

In the coming days, snow in the eastern part of Latvia will reach 20-30 centimeters and the air temperature may drop below -30 degrees C, according to the latest weather forecasts.

The widest and heaviest snowfall is expected on Friday night and in the first half of the day, while clouds coming in from the sea will cause very heavy snowfall in some places on Friday and Saturday.

Snow depths of 20-30 centimeters are expected in eastern Latvia on Friday afternoon.

As cold air flows over the sea, clouds will form, bringing precipitation. Snow cover in Talsi, Tukums, Mersrags, Marupe municipalities, as well as Jurmala and Riga may also exceed 20 centimeters.

As the wind dies down and the clouds clear, temperatures will drop rapidly. The biggest frosts are likely on Sunday and Monday, when the thermometer may dip to -30…-33 degrees C in some parts of Vidzeme and Latgale during the darkest part of the day.

According to current forecasts, temperatures will rise to -2..+3 degrees C across Latvia by January 9. After a few warmer days, the big frost is likely to return. In the Baltic states and Scandinavia, this winter could be the coldest in 10-13 years.

According to the Latvian Centre for Environment, Geology and Meteorology, at 8 a.m. on Thursday, the thickest snow cover was ten centimeters in Jekabpils and 15 centimeters in Madona.

Source: BNS

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