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Cultural Endowment Fund board green-lights ERR’s new TV house

The state Cultural Endowment Fund’s (Kultuurikapital) supervisory board has approved the construction of a new television house to be used by public broadcaster ERR, utilizing money from the fund itself.

The Cultural Endowment Fund’s investment grant comes to €62 million.

The fund’s chair, Minister of Culture Heidy Purga (Reform) said: “The Cultural Endowment’s board unanimously approved moving forward with ERR’s new TV complex.”

A meeting on Wednesday saw the board authorize Margus Allikmaa, head of the Cultural Endowment Fund, to begin preparing a contract with ERR for the allocation of the €62 million, with payments to be spread out over several years.

Before the contract is signed, it must be presented to the board for approval.

More read: ERR.EE


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