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CVKeskus: Salary offers in Estonia up 13 pct on year in Q1

The average gross salary range offered in job listings in Estonia during the first quarter of 2024 was between 1,660 and 2,244 euros, a 13 percent increase compared to the same period in 2023, according to statistics from CVKeskus.ee job portal.

Salary offers increased most significantly for middle managers and top specialists, as well as skilled workers and professionals, by 21 and 13 percent respectively. The smallest increases were seen in salary offers for unskilled workers, office staff, and middle-level specialists, where the offered salaries rose by 6 percent over the year.

Grete Adler, head of the recruitment department of CVKeskus, said that the average salary offer for top specialists reached a record 3,222 euros in the first quarter of 2024.

“For middle-level specialists and office staff, salary offers reached 2,644 euros, and for skilled workers and professionals, the offers were up to 2,140 euros. Offers for service and sales staff were up to 1,536 euros,” Adler said.

Salary offers rose the fastest in marketing and healthcare sectors, increasing by 25 percent. The only sector where salary offers decreased was in administration and assistance, where they fell by 3 percent.

The fastest salary increases were observed in Tartu County and Tartu, where salaries rose by 17 percent year over year. In Harju County and Tallinn, the increases were 12 percent, and in Parnu County, 8 percent. Salaries for jobs in eastern Estonia rose 8 percent.

CVKeskus.ee is the most visited job portal in Estonia, featuring the largest selection of job offers. Currently, the portal hosts nearly 4,000 job listings, a third of which include public salary offers. Employers typically present a salary range rather than a fixed salary, as additional bonuses and the actual job duties determined by the skills and experience of the successful candidate also influence the salary offered.

Source: BNS

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