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Czech co to start offering bicycle sharing service in Tallinn

At the end of August, a new bicycle-sharing service provider, Rekola Bikesharing, will begin operations in Tallinn as the company, which has previously operated in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, is bringing 200 mechanical bicycles to Estonia’s capital city, marking a new chapter in urban mobility for Tallinn, according to spokespeople for the Tallinn Strategic Management Office.

During a meeting last month with Rekola Bikesharing’s director, Vitek Ježek, Tallinn’s Deputy Mayor Kristjan Järvan emphasized his support for the new private entrant into the city’s public transportation sector and the increase in competition.

“The coalition agreement of the Tallinn city government aims to initiate bicycle-sharing in the Estonian capital, and Rekola’s plans perfectly align with the city’s goal of enhancing mobility options for residents,” said Järvan. “I am particularly pleased that Rekola is launching bicycle-sharing in the city center, based on free market principles, without requiring taxpayer money to start the project. This is proof that entrepreneurship continues to address citizens’ needs without distorting the market with public funds.”

Rekola Bikesharing is known for its urban-centric approach, according to Tallinn spokespeople. Founded in 2013 as a small non-profit project in Prague, Rekola started by repairing old bicycles, painting them pink, and sharing them within the community. Since then, Rekola has grown into a significant player in the Czech and Slovak bicycle-sharing market, with over 3,000 bicycles specially designed for their service across eight cities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

“We strive to be a responsible bicycle-sharing company, not only towards the environment but also towards our shared public space,” said Vítek Ježek, CEO and founder of Rekola Bikesharing. “We aim to make cities a better place to move around and live in. That’s why we chose Tallinn. We believe that together with the city government, we can make it an even better place to live, as there is a strong desire for change here.”

By the end of August, residents of Tallinn can expect the availability of over 200 pink bicycles for rent. Rekola’s entry into Tallinn aligns with the city’s commitment to improving sustainable urban transportation options. The service offers a convenient, environmentally friendly, and affordable means of transport, helping to reduce traffic congestion and carbon dioxide emissions, spokespeople for the capital city said.

Source: BNS

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