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Eesti Energia adds 100th electric car to its fleet

The state-owned Estonian energy group Eesti Energia has reached a significant milestone by adding the 100th electric vehicle to its fleet.

Eesti Energia has consistently worked towards increasing the proportion of electric cars in its fleet, aiming for 20 percent of its vehicles to be electric by 2024.

The group’s electric cars have already traveled nearly 1,500,000 kilometers, saving a total of almost 250 tons of carbon emissions.

“Our employees use the cars daily for customer visits, site and electrical installations inspections,” Mango Oras, head of transport management at Enefit, said.

According to statistics by the Transport Administration, as of 2024, there are 5,991 electric cars registered in Estonia, constituting nearly one percent of all registered vehicles. The growth in the number of electric cars has been supported by the rapidly developing electric vehicle charging network.

Enefit’s public charging network, consisting of over 200 chargers, is already the largest in Estonia, accounting for a third of all public charging points in the country. This number will further increase as the company expands its public charging service in the Baltics and Poland.

Further information about electric vehicle charging solutions is available on Enefit Volt’s website at https://enefitvolt.com/laadimislahendused .

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