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Estonian formin: Foreign agents law jeopardizing Georgia’s path to EU

At an informal meeting of the General Affairs Council in Brussels, Estonian Foreign Minister Margus Tsahkna said that Georgia’s foreign agents law endangers the country’s path to the European Union.

Speaking about strengthening the rule of law in the European Union’s enlargement process, Tsahkna emphasized that the core values of the European Union are democracy, transparency, the rule of law, and fundamental freedoms, and that these must be protected and preserved. He expressed concern over Georgia’s decision to enact a foreign agents law, which is in clear contradiction to the values of the European Union.

“I am very concerned that if it is adopted, it could jeopardize Georgia’s path to joining the European Union,” he said.

The meeting, held on Monday and Tuesday, marked the 20th anniversary of the European Union’s 2004 enlargement and discussed the state of the rule of law in candidate countries with their representatives.

At the meeting, Tsahkna said that Wednesday’s anniversary symbolizes for Estonia the creation of friendship, partnership, and unity, which are now integral parts of today’s Estonia.

“20 years ago, by becoming part of the European Union and NATO, we chose never to be alone again,” Tsahkna said.

He added that countries are presently working together to help Ukraine to victory because Russian aggression threatens the security of all of Europe. Tsahkna noted that Estonia also stands for keeping the doors of the European Union open.

“Just as Estonia was supported in its efforts to become a member of the European Union, today we stand with other countries aspiring to join the European Union family, including Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia,” he said.

On the sidelines of the informal General Affairs Council, Tsahkna met with his Kosovan counterpart Donika Gervalla-Schwarz to discuss the security situation in Europe, including in the Western Balkans region.

Source: BNS

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