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Estonian startups invited to apply for funding for green technology development

The Estonian Environmental Investment Center (KIK) opened a call for applications on Wednesday to support the development of innovative green technologies, and the funding will assist in developing technologies that help adapt to climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“Addressing climate change requires new technological solutions. New green technologies also create the conditions for economic growth in Estonia. KIK’s support helps test and bring solutions to market in areas where we see Estonia’s competitive advantage in discussions on climate legislation,” Climate Minister Kristen Michal said.

Oole Janson, project coordinator for green technologies at KIK, said that the support helps startups advance their ideas into products or services. The early stage of product development is resource-intensive, and often there is a need for additional support to maintain enthusiasm.

“The development and deployment of new clean technologies are highly welcome both in Estonia and abroad, and Estonian companies have great potential. In 2023, 250 million euros was invested in green technologies in Estonia,” Janson said.

In addition to the support, four accelerators for the development of green technologies for startups will also be available this year.

“In the accelerators, in addition to technology development, participants can undergo various training sessions and receive support from successful mentors in their field,” Janson said.

The support is provided for the development, piloting, and initial protection of intellectual property rights for innovative green technologies and solutions. Before submitting an application, mandatory consultation must be completed, details of which can be found on KIK’s website.

Startups developing technologies that contribute to mitigating climate change, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions or adapting to climate change in areas such as materials science, adding value to resources, reduction of hazardous chemical usage, green technology solutions for local environments, mobility and logistics, and other green technologies, are eligible to apply for support.

The budget for the call is approximately 3.1 million euros. The minimum amount of support per project is 30,000 euros, and the maximum 300,000 euros. The maximum share of support is 80 percent of eligible project costs. The support is subject to state aid and de minimis aid rules.

Applications can be submitted through the e-support environment at https://etoetus.rtk.ee/ starting from Wednesday. The deadline for submitting applications is May 31 at 5 p.m.

The support is funded from the Recovery and Resilience Facility, and it was developed by the Ministry of Climate together with KIK.

Source: BNS

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