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Estonia’s Fermi Energia, Swedish firm to develop program for nuclear energy specialists

Fermi Energia AS, which is planning to establish a nuclear power plant in Estonia, and Karnkraftsakerhet och Utbildning AB (KSU), trainer of operators and maintenance personnel for all nuclear power plants in Sweden, signed a letter of intent for conducting training related to the Estonian small reactor deployment program.

“Fermi Energia has been working with KSU for three years already. They have provided valuable seminars and training in nuclear energy, as well as introduced nuclear energy as part of visits to Swedish nuclear power plants. KSU is GE Hitachi’s cooperation partner in the development of the BWRX-300 reactor training program, so we see KSU as a long-term partner in the creation and development of a training program for the Estonian nuclear plant and training of operators and other personnel,” Henri Ormus, member of the management board of Fermi Energia, said in a press release.

KSU intends to support Fermi Energia in the conduct of courses as well as in the use of simulator technologies and other training tools as part of preparations for the construction of a nuclear power plant in Estonia. KSU will be a long-term training partner for Fermi Energia to ensure the safe operation and maintenance of the nuclear power plant in the future through professional training of the future employees of the nuclear power plant.

The letter of intent sets out mutual interests in the development of competences in the nuclear sector, with a focus on the development of training and qualification schemes, programs, staff qualification systems, skills testing and the implementation of training programs.

Fermi Energia is a nuclear energy company founded in 2019 by Estonian nuclear energy experts and businesspeople, which plans to build a nuclear power plant with small reactors in Estonia to support the fulfillment of the country’s climate goals and ensure security of supply.

A company of Sweden’s state-owned energy group Vattenfall, KSU is the trainer of operators and maintenance personnel for nuclear plants in Sweden.

Source: BNS

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