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Experience of Georgian and Ukrainian students exploring sustainable entrepreneurship topic in Turiba University

21 students from various universities in Georgia and Ukraine arrived at Turiba University for a two-week study mobility. After 2 weeks students say – this was great experience to see real sustainability examples and companies which think about sustainable business models!

Students participated in lectures, practical sessions and educational visits to explore the theme of sustainable entrepreneurship, learned to generate and develop sustainable business ideas on their own.

Those students were from 6 different universities, including 3 in Ukraine: Kharkiv National Automobile and Infrastructure University, Lviv Polytechnic National University, and West Ukrainian National University, and 2 in Georgia: Akaki Tsereteli Kutaisi State University and Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University.

During their 2-week stay in Latvia students explored Riga, learned about Latvian culture and history, participated in different lessons about sustainable entrepreneurship, met with different professionals, entrepreneurs, shared experiences and participated in group works. Student had also possibility to visit different companies as sustainability examples. For example, students visited Getlini Eko, company working in waste management field, which produce green energy from waste and even grow ecological vegetables using this green energy.

After the mobility students emphasised that this event gave them lot of new knowledge about sustainable management and entrepreneurship. It was interesting for students to see best practice examples in real life. Also students pointed out that this mobility was great possibility for meeting new friends, practicing their language skills and team work skills.

“During this mobility I’ve gained valuable experience and insights into sustainability practices across different contexts. I’ve learned about innovative solutions and best practices that can address environmental challenges effectively. What I particularly liked was the opportunity to collaborate with diverse stakeholders and exchange ideas on how to promote sustainability in various sectors. This mobility has not only broadened my understanding of sustainability but also inspired me to actively contribute to creating a more sustainable future”, tell student from Georgia.

Students left Riga inspired and motivated to promote the sustainability ideas in their countries also after the mobility. “This experience has become unforgettable and extremely valuable for me, and I will definitely share the acquired knowledge with my colleagues in Ukraine!” tells student from Ukraine.

The study mobility was organized within the framework of the ERASMUS+ project CLIMAN, implemented by Turiba University in collaboration with 10 partners. The main goal of the project is to assist partner universities in Georgia and Ukraine in becoming research centres in the field of climate change, thereby contributing to global climate change mitigation.

Source: turiba.lv


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