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Interest in technology rising among girls

HK Unicorn Squad leader Liis Koser has set herself the challenge of increasing girls’ interest in technology, robotics, and natural sciences by designing special courses just for them. The program has now been expanded from middle school to high school girls.

“Compared to two years ago, we have developed so far that we have collaborated with TalTech on a program meant for high school girls, 16-19-year-olds, so our younger girls can have an insight into technology, and it is aimed at anyone who is only in high school,” said Koser told “Terevisioon”, speaking about the program development.

HK Unicorn Squad was developed by entrepreneur and engineer Taavi Kotka and Kerstin Kotka, who wanted to make a club for their daughter Helena. The HK program name comes from Helena’s initials.

Currently, the program focuses on the development and aviation of drones.

“They arrive in pieces, and the girls will learn how to put them together, connect, and program them. Competency rises when you put the drone together from start to finish, and also learn about aviation. Furthermore, they can join the Estonian team and become true drone athletes,” Koser said.

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