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ISS suspecting MP Molder of soliciting bribe

MP Tonis Molder from the Isamaa party said in a statement on Friday morning that the Internal Security Service (ISS) informed him on Thursday that he was suspected of soliciting a bribe.

The allegation is that Molder asked for a bribe during the process of allocation of regional investment funds, dubbed “roof monies,” under the 2023 state budget.

“Procedural acts were carried out, during which a search was carried out at my residence and in my office in the building of the Riigikogu,” Molder said.

The MP said he does not plead guilty to the charges and will defend his rights.

“I have always followed the applicable procedural norms and laws when working in the parliament and when processing draft legislation,” he said.

“In connection with the situation that has arisen, I have decided to leave the Isamaa party. I thank the Isamaa party for cooperation, but to continue as a member of the party in this situation would put the party under excessive fire. I do not plan to give up my mandate in the Riigikogu and Tallinn city council at the moment, I will continue to work as a non-aligned deputy,” Molder said.

“Of course, I understand the media’s heightened interest in the issue, but I have nothing more to add to this comment at this time. I am represented by attorney Aivar Pilv, who will be able to provide legal commentary on the matter as further information becomes available,” Molder added.

Molder, who was a member of the Center Party since 2008 and briefly served as the minister of the environment in 2021, quit Center and joined the Isamaa party in September 2023. Pursuant to valid rules, he has been a non-aligned member of the Riigikogu since switching party.

Source: BNS

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