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Lithuanians lose trust in local govt after receipt scandal – survey

Almost half of Lithuania’s population have lost trust in local government institutions since the so-called receipt scandal of allegedly shady payouts, according to a new survey by Baltijos Tyrimai for the public broadcaster LRT’s news website, published on Monday.

People were asked how the receipt scandal had affected their opinion of local government, and 47 percent said they had lost trust in local authorities. This was the most common response among city residents aged 50 and over, and women were more likely than men to be disappointed with local government.

In total, 32 percent said the receipts scandal had not changed their attitude towards local authorities.

And only 3 percent said they trusted their local government more after the receipt scandal. Young people (aged 18-29) were more likely to trust local government after the scandal.

Meanwhile, 10 percent said they had not heard anything at all about the receipt scandal.

The survey of 1,016 Lithuanian adult citizens was carried out between August 24 and September 5.

Source: BNS

(Reproduction of BNS information in mass media and other websites without written consent of BNS is prohibited.)


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