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Lithuania’s Viciunai Group to Vici brand in Baltics, plans facelift

Viciunai Group, one of the largest food production groups in Lithuania, partly owned by Kaunas Mayor Visvaldas Matijosaitis, intends to keep its Vici brand in the Baltic countries, but will change its design, Dainius Matijosaitis, the group’s board member, has told the vz.lt business news website.

The Vici brand was sold together with the business in Russia and other eastern countries as it accounted for a significant part of the sale price.

“Of course, it (the Vici brand in the Baltic states) will stay. We have talked about its transformation as the brand has not been changed for over 20 years (…). In Russia, it will remain as it is, and here we are currently working on a complete new facelift,” Matijosaitis said.

In his words, the sale of the business in eastern countries will not allow the buyer in Russia to expand beyond the Russian-speaking markets under the Vici brand.

Matijosaitis says the brand has not been affected as much as some might think.

“Now we will have the opportunity to boost Vici more actively, to change its face a little bit, and we will also have new brands. We have already created a new one, but we have not shown it to anyone yet,” Matijosaitis said, refraining to disclose what the new brand will be and when it will emerge on the market.

Matijosaitis told BNS in an interview in April that the group was planning to transform the Vici brand in the Baltics so that it was no longer linked to the one that remains in the east.

In April, the Viciunai Group sold a crab stick factory in Russia’s Kaliningrad region and logistics and trading companies in seven other countries – 15 companies in total – to Russia’s Ocean Group.

Source: BNS

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