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NetZero Pilot Cities CO2 reduction project to be implemented in Riga from May 1

From May 1, Riga City Municipality will participate in the NetZero Pilot Cities project together with several other European cities with the aim to promote reduction of CO2 emission in the city, the External Communications Department of Riga City Council informed LETA.

The municipality explains that cities have a key role to play in achieving Europe’s Green Deal target of reducing emissions by 55 percent by 2030 and achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

The European Union (EU) Climate Mission aims to help 100 cities, including Riga, to become climate neutral and smart by 2030, ensuring that these cities act as centers of experimentation and innovation and serve as role models for all other EU cities.

The project will promote citizen participation in the development and implementation of city strategy documents, assess the relevance of strategy documents to societal and environmental needs, test innovative tools and processes in the city center to reduce air pollution, and strengthen the competences of municipal staff and stakeholders.

Cities such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Brussels, Berlin and others are participating in the NetZero program and have received funding. The total cost of the project is EUR 557,414, fully covered by EU funding from Horizon.

In Riga, the project will be implemented by the Riga Energy Agency together with the Strategic Management Board of the Riga City Development Department, the Smart City Development Department and the non-governmental organization Zala Briviba (Green Freedom).

The duration of the project is planned for two years.

Source: BNS

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