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New Unity and National Alliance each gain two seats in EP

In the elections to the European Parliament (EP) in Latvia, New Unity has gained the most votes, leaving the National Alliance (NA) in second place, and both political forces have won two MEP seats each, according to the preliminary election results officially published by the Central Election Commission (CVK).

For Latvia’s Development, United List, Progressives, Harmony and Latvia First have each won one MEP seat in the elections.

New Unity won the EP elections with 25.07 percent of the vote, while the National Alliance followed with 22.08 percent. These two political alliances are well ahead of their competitors in this year’s elections.

For Latvia’s Development won 9.36 percent, the United List 8.18 percent and the Progressives 7.42 percent of the vote. Harmony followed with 7.14 percent, and Latvia First with 6.16 percent, according to the data released by the CVK.

The other lists did not win MEP seats, according to the preliminary election results compiled by the CVK.

Sovereign Power won 2.62 percent of the vote, the Union of Greens and Farmers received 2.28 percent, Alliance New Latvians 2.13 percent, Stability 1.98 percent, Center Party 1.71 percent and the New Conservative Party 1.5 percent of the vote.

The parties that received less than 1 percent of the vote in the EP elections include People. Land. Statehood (0.58 percent), the Force of People’s Power (0.34 percent) and Movement For (0.32 percent), according to the election results released by the Central Election Commission.

Valdis Dombrovskis and Sandra Kalniete have been elected from New Unity, and Roberts Zile and Rihards Kols were elected from the National Alliance.

Ivars Ijabs will represent For Latvia’s Development in the European Parliament, Reinis Poznaks will represent the United List, Martins Stakis will represent the Progressives, Nils Usakovs will represent Harmony, and Vilis Kristopans will represent Latvia First.

Of the nine MEPs elected, eight are men and one is a woman. One MEP is aged under 40, three are aged 41-50, two are aged 51-60, two are aged 61-70 and one is aged over 71.

The average age of elected Members is 54. The youngest candidate is 39 and the oldest is 71. Eight MEPs have a university degree and one has a secondary education. Six MEPs have their place of residence in Riga, while one MEP each has indicated Jurmala, Adazi and Ropazi as their place of residence.

Of the 1,541,102 eligible voters, 521,226, or 33.82 percent, took part in the EP elections. In total, there were 519,507 valid ballot envelopes and 513,727 valid ballot papers, or 98.89 percent.

Source: BNS

(Reproduction of BNS information in mass media and other websites without written consent of BNS is prohibited.)


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