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Rinkevics would like to see more investment in science and research

Investments in science and research are an investment in Latvia’s competitiveness, Latvian President Edgars Rinkevics told reporters at a press conference on Tuesday after his meeting with Saeima speaker Daiga Mierina (Greens/Farmers).

The president noted that funding for science and research is being increased, but it is not being increased to the extent that the science sector would like.

Rinkevics pointed out that the National Competitiveness Commission had discussed what could be done without large financial investments, for example to improve some administrative processes, but there were many issues that could only be solved with money.

“To make a qualitative leap in a sector, you have to start funding it now, even though you may not see the results immediately. It is about the long term. I want to hope that in 2025 we will see this leap,” the president said.

He said that when the budget is being prepared, there are needs in different sectors. For example, additional EUR 270 have been earmarked in the budget for the health sector. The president also mentioned that in the context of next year’s budget, even more funding should have been earmarked for internal security.

“We have many different needs. I do not envy any government, its leader, the finance minister, regardless of party, because all needs have to be considered. I will say that as it is, it is not good, but I understand the circumstances well. I would hope that in 2025 we will see an increase in funding in two sectors – internal security and science and research”, the president said.

Source: BNS

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