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SEB, kood/Johvi programming school extend cooperation agreement

SEB, the first major corporation to support the creation of the kood/Johvi programming school, has now agreed to continue the cooperation at a key partner level at least until the end of 2025.

The cooperation agreement increases both the financial support and the volume of activities.

“Our interest in supporting kood/Johvi is to foster new talents in the technology sector. As part of the cooperation, we offer students internship opportunities and, where appropriate, jobs. Students also have the chance to prepare for entering the IT field through mock interviews and job shadowing, as well as gain practical skills by participating in SEB developer workshops and mentoring groups,” Allan Parik, chairman of the management board of SEB, said.

kood/Johvi emphasizes the importance of having partners with similar values and interests.

“SEB and we are united by common goals such as innovation in education, supporting regional entrepreneurship, promoting a competitive economy, and increasing the number of women in the technology sector,” Karin Kunnapas from kood/Johvi said.

“During our current cooperation, we have conducted workshops, hackathons, and lectures at kood/Johvi on both technical software development and topics of personal branding. Nearly 200 students have participated in them. SEB’s management has also participated in kood/Johvi’s DevSprint — an intensive cooperation format that brings together company leaders and software developers to swiftly and smoothly deliver new developments to customers. Today, we are known among students as one of the most attractive partners — our events fill up in a few minutes, showing that the cooperation with the school has fully justified itself,” Parik added.

kood/Johvi is an innovative program for adults, offering a 21st century approach to learning programming to address the shortage of software developers and provide new and exciting opportunities for people from other fields. The school is funded by over 30 companies, including many startups and unicorns, ready to hire and support learners throughout their educational journey.

As of 2023, nearly 700 future developers have begun their learning journey in three batches at kood/Johvi, with a fourth group of students starting in January. The students are from 19 different nationalities. To date, over 70 developers have already been employed in various positions after graduating from the school.

Source: BNS

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