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Survey: Smart-ID tops list as most recommended electronic authentication solution

A recent international survey highlighted notable trends surrounding electronic authentication tools in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania — according to the research, Smart-ID shines as one of the most reliable solutions in three countries, boasting the highest recommendation rating among all the authentication tools.

According to the study conducted by RAIT, SK ID Solutions’ Smart-ID stands out with the highest recommendation rating or Net Promoter Score (NPS) among all authentication tools, including the ones offered by states, and Google and other global organizations. This trend remains consistent in all surveyed countries, SK ID Solutions said in a press release.

In Estonia, Smart-ID has an impressive NPS score far exceeding both the ID-card and Mobile-ID. In Latvia, Smart-ID again takes the lead with the highest recommendation score, followed by a banking app with biometrics, and the ID-card. The Latvian state issued eParaksts reached a comparatively lower NPS, only exceeding a banking app combined with a PIN code. Similarly, in Lithuania, Smart-ID tops the list with the highest score, followed by Mobile-ID, and a banking app with biometrics.

Users in the region place considerable emphasis on three critical elements. First and foremost, users value the robustness of security. The second essential consideration is the ease of use. Lastly, users appreciate the easy implementation of authentication tools, except for Lithuanians who would like to use their eID tool in as many e-services as possible.

The study also identifies the top three most intended actions with eID tools. Users in the Baltics want to use these tools for signing documents, the top choice for all respondents, banking and financial services, and communication with the state. In Estonia and Lithuania, though, respondents’ top three usage intentions was concluded with use of healthcare services.

This international eID study was conducted by RAIT in fall 2023. As a quantitative survey, it targeted a representative sample of 3,000 individuals, aged 18-65 — a demographic cross-section of the Baltics, focusing on parameters such as age, gender, nationality, and region.

In addition, Smart-ID, together with the Police and Border Guard Board and the Rescue Board, also made it to the Havas Meaningful Brands TOP 10 rankings published last week.

Source: BNS

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