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Tallinn Airport GH adds 3 more units to its electric car fleet

At the beginning of 2023, AS Tallinn Airport GH, a subsidiary of state-owned airport company AS Tallinna Lennujaam, introduced the first three electric cars into its car fleet intended for employees to perform the duties necessary for servicing aircraft; on Wednesday, their electric car fleet expanded by three more vehicles.

“The first three electric cars helped us reduce our carbon emissions by about 10.46 tons per year. The reduction in emissions enabled by six cars is as much as 21 tons of carbon dioxide per year, as the cars are powered by renewable energy,” Indrek Nolvak, member of the management board of AS Tallinn Airport GH, said in a press release.

“And it’s not just by using electric cars that we’ve taken a major step forward in reducing our carbon emissions: we’re also doing so with the fuels we use. The airport has started using paraffin fuel, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90 percent and other emissions by up to 30 percent compared to fossil fuel-derived diesel,” he said.

Nolvak says the airport is transitioning to a predominantly electric fleet of vehicles and machinery.

“Having said that, we take the life of vehicles into account and use them for as long as we possibly can so as to reduce overall consumption,” he added. The adoption of electric vehicles, he says, is not only about being environmentally friendly, but is also directly linked to the economic impact they have.

“If you compare the amount of use our vehicles got last year, and their mileage, the three electric cars saw us save more than 4,400 liters of fuel. Needless to say that this had a positive effect on our costs,” the board member added.

The procurement launched by Tallinn Airport GH in late 2023 for the acquisition of three further electric cars was won by City Motors, which provided the airport with its first three such vehicles. This has led to another three Dacia Springs being added to the airport’s fleet.

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