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Train tickets can now be purchased via Google Maps

LTG Link, the passenger transport company of the LTG Group, has signed a partnership agreement with Distribusion Technologies GmbH, a company that connects carriers around the world, which will extend the availability of train tickets to all those who use the travel planning platforms Google Maps.

The signed cooperation agreement will provide access to more than 150 transport operators and sales platforms around the world for those wishing to buy train tickets in Lithuania in the future.

More than 1,000 carriers are already using the Distribusion Technologies GmbH solution, offering public transport to millions of passengers every day. It is planned that Lithuanian train tickets will soon be available for purchase not only through Google Maps. Other popular ticketing systems around the world are already being prepared for Lithuanian train ticketing: Omio, The Trainline, Kiwi, Booking.com, Trip.com, Kayak, etc.

“This cooperation is of great value to us because we can offer travellers from all over the world the opportunity to buy train tickets instantly on convenient platforms when they are still planning their trips. This is also in line with our Group’s long-term strategic objective to focus even more on quality of services. Apps will be another attractive tool for our train passengers. We will also further encourage foreign visitors to choose a convenient and sustainable option to reach Lithuania and travel in our country”, says Egidijus Lazauskas, CEO of LTG Group.

The platforms of the travel planning and ticketing systems provide secure and convenient payment methods, tailored to customers in different countries. Popular platforms will offer one-off standard tickets with a choice of ticket class, group tickets and return tickets. Travellers on Google Maps, one of the world’s most popular travel apps, will be able to not only plan joint journeys, but also buy tickets on the same app.

According to LTG Link, in 2023, around 10% of tickets were purchased by foreigners. Residents of Great Britain, Germany, Poland and Sweden mostly frequently chose to travel in Lithuania.

“Train travel by foreigners really has the potential to grow. Around 20-25% of travellers from our main inbound tourism markets routinely choose trains when travelling abroad. It is usually the third choice after the plane (often due to geographical circumstances) and the car. So, we can expect that tourists in Lithuania will also be happy to choose their usual way of travelling if it is easier to use”, says Olga Gončarova, Head of “Keliauk Lietuvoje”.

Passenger transport company LTG Link is part of the LTG Group. The company provides sustainable public rail transport services in Lithuania and abroad. LTG Link aims to create a more comfortable travel experience for all customers and to encourage people to choose more sustainable rail transport, thereby contributing to reducing the environmental impact of transport. The number of customers carried by the company has been growing in recent years, reaching around 5 million passengers in 2023, which is around 7% more than in the same period in 2022. 4.7 million of these passengers travelled on domestic routes.


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