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Wolt, Bolt delivery fees to couriers vary by order

Delivery fees vary by order, say both the major companies engaged in food courier app services in Estonia, and depend on various factors including the courier’s location, the customer’s address, the weather, the weight of an order, current demand and more.

The two companies ERR spoke to are Bolt, and the similarly named, Finnish-owned Wolt.

The delivery fee here refers to the payment made to the courier, and not the component of the overall bill a customer pays when ordering.

Piret Pert a spokesperson for the latter firm, told ERR that since February last year, the company has used a system in which a delivery fee is calculated individually based on the complexity of the order in question.

“The fee is never the same for each order,” Pert said. “Differences may arise due to the locations of tasks in different towns, districts, times of day, and weather conditions. Potential differences can also stem from compiled orders, and many other factors.”

More read: ERR.EE


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